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Even a new car can break down, forcing the car owner to contact the dealer under warranty or third-party workshops. Often, owners of new recently purchased cars in thecabin find themselves in a situation where warranty repairs are significantly delayed.


What to do in such a situation, is the warranty period for car repairs limited?


Top Reasons for Repair Delays

The main reason for delayed warranty repairs is that the dealer does not have the parts needed to restore the car. Typically, the dealer has in stock running consumables and spare parts that most often break down and require replacement. But, if you have a gearbox or engine that is practically on a new warranty car, you can be sure that you will have to wait several weeks until the necessary spare part is delivered from the manufacturer.

In rare cases, the masters in the official service cannot determine the existing breakdowns, which forces them to call a specialist who can conduct in-depth diagnostics and determine the cause of the breakdowns. Unfortunately, today this is not uncommon, since many companies receive the status of an official dealer, but at the same time they cannot provide quality services, especially in terms of warranty obligations for car repairs.

Masters in the service can also be tritely loaded with work, so the queue for a warranty car does not reach so quickly. Today, dealers often save on staff, hire not very experienced craftsmen, which leads to the fact that it is simply not possible to immediately deal with a warranty car. As a result, such a car, even with the simplest breakdown, begins to stand idle for a long time in the service.

How long can a warranty repair last

According to the current legislation, the maximum period for car repairs in the official service should not exceed 45 days today. If, for some reason, the repair period is more than one and a half months, then in such a case, the car owner has the right to go to court and demand to pay him a penalty. Moreover, you can demand both monetary compensation for every day of downtime following the 45th day of repair, or demand that the dealer give him another new car.


When contacting an official dealer and handing over the car to the workshop, the car owner must correctly draw up all the paperwork, receive an order, which is signed by the acceptance master and the client, and which indicates the day the service was contacted. If, when handing over the car for repair, the dealer promises to draw up documents one of these days or give them back after troubleshooting, then in such a case, you need to demand all the documents here and now, and not after the repair, which will significantly delay such a warranty repair.

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