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Experienced motorists remember the times when the first Japanese and Korean cars appeared on the domestic car market, and one of them is the Nissan Bluebird.


This carhas been produced since 1986, and was in great demand among motorists around the world. Nissan decided to resume production of this car. It should be said right away that the new Bluebird will be produced only by special order in a limited edition, and the name of the car will be Newbird.

Among the features of the new car, one can note the electric gearbox from the Nissan Eleaf electric car. The decision to release such a car was made on the basis that the Bluebird was originally produced at the production facilities of a plant in Sunderland in the UK, from the lines of which the Nissan Eleaf descends for the European car market. This year the factory turns 35.

Features of the new Newbird

If you look at it, Nissan did not come up with anything new, but took advantage of the popular idea of ​​bloggers and YouTubers – to take an old car and replace all gasoline/diesel units in it with electric ones. An interesting feature of the Bluebird update is that this is done by a small company from Durham (it is located near Sunderland) Kinghorn EV, which specializes in converting old cars into all-electric vehicles, using used Nissan Eleaf motors, inverters and batteries.

Nissan decided to return to the past? Yes, meet Bluebird!
Nissan decided to return to the past?

The transformation of Bluebird lies in the fact that the initially installed gasoline engine and gearbox are changed to electric ones, an inverter and a 40 kWh battery are installed. Management, braking systems and climate control are updated and adapted for the use of electrical equipment. Additionally, a specially designed suspension is installed, designed to support the weight of the battery. The charging port is located in the gas tank neck.

The Newbird dashboard is connected to the updated car’s electrical network, and instead of a fuel gauge, an indicator is placed showing the current battery charge level. The Nissan brand badge will be original, but at the same time it is additionally equipped with an LED backlight that works while the car is moving. The range of the Nissan Newbird on a single charge is just over 200 km (130 miles), and the car accelerates to 100 km/h in 14-15 seconds.

Given that the Nissan Newbird will be produced by special order, the number of updated cars will not be very large, but in any case, the idea is interesting, since the conversion of the old models are not produced in artisanal conditions, but under the auspices of the manufacturer.

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